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Sunny Hills Medical Center is a walk-in medical clinic that treats urgent medical conditions and minor trauma for children and adults of all ages. Many injuries and illness require immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, local hospital emergency rooms are often extremely busy, with waiting times of up to several hours. In addition, your primary care physician is not always available to see you on short notice. In these moments, Sunny Hills Urgent Care is an excellent alternative to treat your urgent medical needs. We offer a variety of multi-specialty services including:

At Sunny Hills Medical Center, our behavioral health providers bring extensive training and continuing education in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders with pharmacology management. Our providers always strive to give you the best and most compassionate care as possible. Our psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and licensed therapists provide individual and family therapy with adults, therapy and behavior modification with at risk youth and their families, vocational training with special education students, substance abuse counseling, and therapy with the chronic and persistently mentally ill.

Combining smart technology with modern clinics, Sunny Hills Medical Center Health delivers a seamless experience — with virtual and in-person appointments, primary care, urgent care, and mental healthcare all in one place. We aim to provide high-quality, accessible, and transparent personal care for everyone.

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